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Dog & Cat Care Services Including Cat Sitting, Dog Walking & Cat & Dog Grooming

O&A signageFind out more about how Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind pet care, and the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio could be helping you and your pets with our dog and cat care services

Dog walking, Cat sitting, Pet grooming

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) tailors the way we look after your pets to your specifications. As a result, we have been trusted to look after dogs, cats and other small pets since 19 November 1999.

We covet our reputation for being the best at what we do. Since the business was founded we’ve learned to solve almost every challenge that can occur when taking responsibility for looking after other people’s animals as well as their homes.

We can sit down face-to-face and come up with a plan for looking after your pets while you are away, or simply too busy. Whether it’s taking into account your cat or dog’s diet needs or your pet’s exercise regime, we are keen to give you the benefit of the experience we have built up over the years.

For more information call [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink] or email cdpom@aol.com

Our team working in Canary Wharf and across London prides itself on going the extra distance to provide our customers with real Peace of Mind. To find out how CDPOM can help you get in touch.

Our Dog & Cat Care Services Across Canary Wharf, London

New Customer Offer

The business is modelled on what founder Louise Wilsher would expect if her own pets were looked after by what after all is initially a stranger. This stretches from the secure storage of keys and a client’s information, through the care and attention given to the pets, to the cleanliness of your property at the end of the period of care.

Ultimately, the aim is to help you in every way to live in even greater harmony with your pets.

As well as general dog and cat care services such as Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Cat Grooming, Dog Grooming, Dog Training, and Cat Training, we also offer advice and guidance on all manner of pet ownership, dog well being, cat well being as well as access to the goods and services that will enhance your life with your pets.

Call [telnumlink] 07973 692509[/telnumlink] or email cdpom@aol.com

We look after your pets, make sure they look their best at all times, and do all that we can for your animals to stay happy and healthy. We can point you in the right direction for training your dog to be an obedient but fun family member. We can also do the same when it comes to training your cat. And, of course, we make it possible for you to be able to buy everything you need for your dog, cat and other pets.

Comprehensive: Dog Walking & Pet Care in London

For those of you who live in Canary Wharf & across London, England, Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind’s team of Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind pet care & dog walkingprofessionally trained pet carers and dog walkers can look after your pets in your own home while you’re away, or simply too busy!

Unlike faceless, online agencies like Tailster and Cat In A Flat, we take complete responsibility for each and every carer commissioned to look after your pets. We meet every owner and pet that we look after before we start.

All our carers abide by our comprehensive code of conduct – set out in our tried-and-tested CDPOM Pet Carers’s Handbook™ – and CDPOM accepts liability for each and every one of them.

We insist that each carer or dog walker is given thorough and professional training. During this period, their attitude, personality, and credibility are checked. The business only uses people who have been living where they live for at least a year, and who have excellent spoken and written English.

Your contract is with Celebrate Pets Ltd (trading as Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind) so you can rely on the trust we have built up since 1999. We guarantee that your pet will never miss a visit because one of our carers is away on holiday or off ill.

Priceless Convenience: Mobile Pet Services – Mobile Grooming

For people in both London, including Canary Wharf, and North West Kent, our Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio is available to visit your home or workplace and pamper your cats and dogs, whatever the breed, with the very latest in grooming techniques, from dog washing through styling to nail clipping and micro-chipping.

Priceless Convenience. The Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio comes to you.

Priceless Convenience because we come to you.

What this service offers is priceless Convenience because we come to you! This not only saves you time but also in doing so it will save you money too.

Dog Training, Tools, Food & Support: For Dogs

Wherever you live, our pets can sometimes do things which we would prefer they did not. What Celebrate Dogs offers is referrals to fast, simple and easy ways to deal with your dog’s behaviour problems.

You can also find all the dog collars, leads, bowls, and dog apparel and clothing that you may need to make your dog as happy and comfortable as possible in The Dog Shop.

Back to school books pet care

Cat Training, Tools, Food & Support: For Cats

At Celebrate Cats we aim to provide the most comprehensive information about living in harmony with your feline friends. The Cat Shop is there to provide everything you may need – including collars, leads, bowls, apparel, and clothing – to make your life with your cat as happy and comfortable as possible.

Celebrate Cats pet careOur aim is eventually to provide all these services and products through sister brands, like Celebrate Small Pets, Celebrate Lizards & Reptiles, and Celebrate Chickens. But all in good time!

For now, whatever you may want or need to know about your pets, whether you own cats, dogs or something else that is small and furry, the chances are we have it covered somewhere on this site. Get in touch today to discuss of dog and cat care services or mobile pet services across Canary Wharf and London today!

If it’s not there please don’t hesitate to make contact so that we can do our best to help or try to point you in the right direction.

To contact us please email cdpom@aol.com or call [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink]

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  1. Sophie Power June 5, 2019 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Hi there,

    We would like to make a booking for mobile grooming on June 21st in Camden for approx 4-6 dogs.

    We are hosting our Bring Your Dog to Work Day at our offices at Viacom (MTV, Comedy Central etc.) and are able to provide parking on site with electricity.

    Can I please check your availability and pricing?


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