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Dog brushing: the right tools

26 January 2015: “My dog gets so knotted”!!?? I hear this so often and I am afraid my friends, it’s because your dog is not being brushed enough! Almost all canines need and deserve a good dog brushing – daily! With the correct brush you can stimulate the blood stream and oils to flow freely and healthily in […]

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ChowChow Grooming

27 January 2015: Chow down on this My goodness, you have got to give yourself more than three hours to groom a Chow – and, when the owner books a groom, make sure you ask  when was the dog’s last groom! This will not only determine the price charged but also the time that needs to […]

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Denzel enjoys an outing

29 January 2015: Riding Shotgun No grooming for me today. I had a different treat. I took my black Labrador boy Denzel, dog walking and visiting. I run a pet care business too. Denzel is otherwise known as the Colonel or Van Dog! He enjoys an outing, especially being my passenger in the mobile grooming van. […]

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Medicated Shampoo For Dogs

30 January 2015: Immense Shar Pei improvement I groomed two Shah Peis this morning. I have been grooming these two dogs for over a year on a regular basis and the improvement in their coat condition is immense. Shah Peis sometimes suffer with sensitive skin conditions but not these two dogs anymore. I use a medicated […]

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