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Cat spraying

Cat Spraying Is Common When a cat deposits urine on surfaces like furniture, doorways and walls it is called feline spraying or marking. It can be a little or a lot. A typical posture for a cat intent on spraying is to back into its area of choice, slightly quiver its tail, and, with no […]

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Cat scratching

Stop your cat scratching your home Your cat is intent on scratching your carpets, furniture and curtains to mark his or her territory, to work off excess energy, to play, or possibly to rid him or her of frayed slivers of claw. The best news is that scratching can be prevented easily. To prevent cat […]

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Cat Litter Training

Cat Litter Training (Toilet Training) Kittens are in the main easy to litter train. Indeed many learn by watching their mother before you collect them to bring them home. These are a few simple steps that will make sure your kitten uses the littler tray in very little time. Simple steps to train a cat […]

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