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Cats and Allergies? A Good Groom Can Remove The Problem

When it comes to cats and allergies, a good regular groom can help people who suffer from being allergic to cats. The primary reason why many people are “allergic” to cats is that common allergens, like pollen and dust, get stuck in the animal’s fur. When a cat lies next to an open window or […]

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Cats Need Our Help When Their Tummies Are Upset

Mild tummy upsets in our cats are all too common. These unfortunate occurrences can be triggered by: Sudden changes in diet Over-eating Eating too quickly Food intolerances to something not usually ingested The recommendation is to starve the affected cat for a short period and to offer a more bland diet for up to seven […]

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Take Your Dog to the Beach – Without Risking a Fine

Dog owners face £75 fines if they walk their pets on non dog-friendly beaches because local councils have chosen to ban canines during the summer months. In a nation that is supposed to be dog-friendly, it is extremely unfortunate that dog walkers are being warned they could face a prosecution or fines if they breach […]

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Keep Pets Cool When Temperatures Rise

Long-range predictions are pointing towards an even hotter July and August than we have already seen in May and June, with lengthy bouts of blazing sunshine possible all the way to autumn. It’s time to keep pets cool! A large area of high pressure stretching from the Atlantic across Britain to Scandinavia in the east […]

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Home-stay For Your Cat When You Go Away

Don’t worry about your cat when you go on holiday. Book Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind Holidays are times for relaxing and letting go of your worries, but arranging cat care can be stressful. It needn’t be if you contact CDPOM If you’ve never left your cat before, knowing what the best option is […]

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