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Get 20% off Lily’s Kitchen new Suppurrs Stew range for Cats

Lily’s Kitchen’s new range of natural food for cats is called Suppurrs Stew, and for a very limited time – until 14 August 2018 – customers can get 20% off.

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Crate Training Your Dog

Crate training is something that all dog owners are likely to need at some point in a dog’s life. At Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind we can build it into how we help you look after your dogs while you’re away, or simply too busy! It’s not something that everyone agrees with but when […]

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The Truth about Fat Cats & Dogs

It’s not just us who are putting our health at risk when we carry extra pounds – obesity is a burgeoning problem for pets too.

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Does Your Cat Need A Bath?

Water and cats don’t usually mix, so kitty can find having a bath incredibly stressful. Here we take the heat out of the bathing issue. There are a few cats that actually like water or are at least used to being bathed from an early age, but if yours isn’t one of those it’s highly likely […]

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