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Dog Sense of Humour: Does your dog have one?

Some dogs seem to have an advanced dog sense of humour. They view life as a stage on which they can play and conduct of pranks of all sorts. Sometimes this is for their own enjoyment. But often they use their imaginations to target their human and canine companions.   Dog sense of humour is […]

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Dog Humping: Is your dog a perpetrator or victim?

When you’re afraid to take your dogs walking because they may hump other dogs or be singled out for mounting practice it’s time to take action. Dog humping, where a dog mounts another dog, can be amusing to passers-by. But for dog owners, the issue is embarrassing and for the dogs being humped it can […]

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Caring for cats at Christmas

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without our cats getting involved. Cats seem to love the time it comes to wrap presents. For them it’s all part of the fun. Then there’s the interest they show in the Christmas tree. We would love help with the festive decorating, but Christmas trees aren’t cat friendly and in […]

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