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Beagle training tips

Beagle training is very rewarding

Beagles are a challenge to train but very rewarding

Beagle Training to Enhance Your Dog

Anyone who has ever owned  a Beagle knows they are intelligent, social and brave animals. Good with children, Beagles have a reputation for their loving, sweet, gentle and tolerant temperament.

It is a good breed if you need to leave your pet indoors, especially in an apartment, as long as they are given adequate exercise.This means long walks daily. Beagles were originally bred to hunt so they need socialization from the youngest age possible. This is especially the case in homes that include a cat, a rabbit or another non-canine pet.

Because of their hunting instincts, Beagles tend towards being aggressive. This problem isn’t solved easily without Beagle training, not least because the level of aggression is different for every Beagle.

This area of Beagle training also takes a huge amount of patience and effort to stop your dog taking an aggressive stance. This is where choosing some professional Beagle training guidance is essential.

Learn to solve the most intractable Beagle training issues

When Beagle training it is advisable to keep Beagles on a leash. This is particularly important when out walking as there is an inbuilt instinct to head off trailing scents and chasing game. Please note that Beagles are known to be stubborn but they respond well to positive reinforcement during Beagle training. They do best under the a strong pack leader’s guidance.

Practicing calm but assertive leadership when Beagle training will help you to integrate your Beagle into your lifestyle. It will also prevent many behavioural issues from developing. If you are thinking of welcoming a Beagle into your household you need to be warned that the breed communicates with a loud bark, bay, howl or cry that may not be appreciated by neighbours.

Other Beagle issues to be aware of when Beagle training include the breed’s enthusiasm for digging. There are many reasons why Beagles dig. Most of these are rooted in their instincts. It may be they want to store their food or to get at something they can detect by smell beneath the soil.

For people who enjoy landscaping this can be a huge problem for people. Nothing looks worse on a properly manicured lawn than new dirt and dug out holes.

The Tools Used To Stop Beagle Digging

Stopping Beagle digging can be difficult but has many rewards for the dog owner who can complete the Beagle training successfully.

It may come as a surprise but one effective way of halting your Beagle’s digging behavior is to change fertilizers or to simply stop using them altogether. Some commercially available fertilizers have a scent that attracts Beagles.

Like many dog issues, your Beagle may also be digging because he or she is bored. If this is the case ensure your pet is getting enough exercise or has the room to run around in the garden. Beagles tend to dig if they feel trapped.

A Leash And A Collar

It may seem obvious but an important training tool for stopping your beagle digging is a dog leash and collar. This helps to control and communicate with the dog.

The dog leash is not to be used to reinforce any negative messages during the training to stop Beagle digging. Repeated jerking and yanking the dog around on the leash can cause harm and teach him or her that your intention is to hurt.

Instead, the leash should be used for gentle coaxing and careful maneuvering of the dog into a more suitable position. It also reminds the dog to focus on the training to stop Beagle digging and prevent it from wandering away during the training.

Dog Treats

Many professional trainers use dog treats for positive reinforcement during training to stop Beagle digging because it keeps the dog interested and provides the dog with a reward for accomplishing their task.

The use of doggy treats can be just as effective for an owner who is training their dog as long as the treats are used properly during the training. The treats that are chosen for use during the training to stop Beagle digging should not be given to the dog at any other time of the day so that the dog knows that the only way they will be getting the treat is by paying attention to the training and accomplishing the task.

There are many commercial dog treats available that can be used to stop Beagle digging and the choice of which one to choose is up to the trainer. Some trainers decide not to purchase commercial dog treats, opting instead to reward their dogs with small bits of ham, bits of poached chicken, or small pieces of bacon. Any item that tastes good to the dog can be used as a dog treat during the training to stop Beagle digging.