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The Best Herding Balls

Herding ballsMany dog breeds are natural herders and benefit from having Herding Balls to hand. These dogs tend to be very smart and highly energetic  having evolved over centuries.

They picked up their herding habits from watching over sheep, cattle and a variety of other farm animals.

Early herding dogs developed from guardian dogs and became popular with European shepherds who bred them so they eventually became common throughout the continent in the 17th century, especially in Britain, Belgium, Germany and northern France.

Today, herding dogs can be found worldwide and are as common as family dogs as they were when they were coveted farm companions.

Intelligent and hard working they need to be kept active and so herding balls are essential when you have a breed like the German Shepherd or a Rough Collie Lassie lookalike as part of your household.

These herding balls were specially designed to take into account herding instincts and so they are a fantastic addition to any herding breed’s toy box.

Check out the CDPOM guide to help you choose the very best dog herding ball for your dog.

The Jolly Pets Soccer Ball, Large/X-Large

This football may look expensive on the face of it but we highly recommend you swallow any second thoughts, take the plunge and open your wallet!

This 20.3 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm ball comes highly recommended after it has been tested it with some of the roughest, toughest canine adversaries imaginable.
If you have any very large herder dog like a German or Belgian Shepherd you can’t go wrong with a Jolly Pets Soccer Ball. It is available in bright orange, apple green or ocean blue. And you will find that your already energetic games of fetch will get a whole lot more bouncy when you introduce this ball to your play.
Any dog who loves a football but can burst a conventional one in 20 seconds or less will find this is more than a match for their enthusiasm. As such, it’s no way a waste of money because even if your mut manages to burst this beast in seconds it will inflate itself again almost instantaneously.

It happens time and time again and inflates without fail. Plus it’s not just for the medium to large dogs for which it is recommended. Feisty small dogs will love having this large ball with which to play.

So, if what you are after is a ball that will encourage healthy exercise and play this is the product for you. The one proviso our team has is: beware the look of upset your dog will give you when you go to put the ball away.

The ball is made with a jollyflex material that means it is able to keep its shape even when punctured. We recommend it for dogs of all sizes and want you to know that added fun can be had because the Jolly Pets Soccer Ball floats so you can have lots of water-based fun too.

Hueter Toledo Virtually Indestructible Ball

Best Herding ballsSay hello to one of the biggest, baddest dog balls available on the market.

This one comes from the Hueter Toledo Inc plastic fabrication company in Bellevue, Ohio, USA. It is among the most indestructible dog balls around.

It will stand up to the roughest, toughest treatment from the most enthusiastic dogs and because the Hueter Toledo Virtually Indestructible Ball comes in all dimensions the size of your dog really doesn’t matter.

Many breeds will try to herd this ball. Others will attempt to bite it. Whatever your dog chooses, the ball is bound to shoot out of their mouth and an energetic chase will begin.

This ball can roll, it can float and one thing is almost guaranteed: your dog will play so much it will be difficult to stop them keeling over from their efforts at the end.

Made of a toughened plastic the Hueter Toledo Virtually Indestructible Ball is best for outdoor use.

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