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Dog Breed Training

What Is Dog Breed Training?

There are hundreds of dog breeds. Each of them is a group of visibly similar, closely related domestic dogs. They are all subspecies of Canis lupus familiaris.

But each breed has characteristic traits that have been selected and maintained by their human breeders. All dog breeds are bred from a known foundation stock.

Because dogs originated from wolves, many breeds still have a similar visual appearance.

The term dog breed is also used to refer to natural types of dogs, which have arisen over time in response to particular environments that have included humans, but where there has been little or no selective breeding by humans.

Because each breed has different characteristics due to the style of working they were bred for, they each need different emphasis when it comes to training certain aspects of their behaviour.

Here we have taken a popular selection to give you some starter tips and techniques to apply to your dogs.