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Make A Safe Haven for Your Pet to Hide From Fireworks

Pets and Fireworks

Many pets struggle to cope when fireworks are going off. It’s important that we owners help them feel as safe as possible.

The estimate is that as many as 45% of dogs, for example, are affected by the loud noises and bright flashes made by these low explosive pyrotechnic devices we call fireworks.

Lucky pet owners are the ones whose animals were brought up from the day they were born listening to tapes and CDs of explosions, sirens and other cacophonous noises to get them used to the trauma later in life. However, to a significant number of cats and dogs, fireworks are unfamiliar and are taken to be threatening occurrences.

A lot of pet owners admit they don’t know how to help their beloved pets cope. The pet’s fear may be extreme, and the owners don’t know what measures they can take to reduce the fear. But naturally when we are fearful, our instinct is to retreat to a safe space where it’s quiet and comfortable.

Create a Den Away from the Fireworks

So an important step when preparing to tackle firework fears is to create a den in your home, where your pet will be able to feel more relaxed and secure.  There are some useful pet caves and miniature houses specifically designed for your pet to feel safe, like an enclosed natural wicker basket for cats and small dogs.

For larger dogs there are some ingenious alternatives as well as crates that can be made  very attractive for your furry friends.

Perhaps there is already space where your pet goes when feeling unsure or threatened. If this is the case then make this place as comfortable and cosy as you can.

If you need to then create a place to which your pet will like to gravitate. Beds or crates are useful. They can be filled with soft cushions and blankets. If you dog has a favourite toy, put it in there, along with drinking water.

Ideally the den should fit underneath a table or a bed, so that it can be hidden from view. If this is not possible, then it should be covered a bed sheet or blanket to add to the privacy the pet feels and to reduce at least some of the noise. The rule is: the darker and quieter the better.

The den can be made even more inviting and calming with a spray of Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats. These pet appeasing pheromones help promote feelings of contentment.  You can also be Adaptil and Feliway room diffusers which have a similar and longer-lasting effect. Pet Remedy also has a range with many products involving blends of essential oils that help calm animal nerves. The Pet Remedy plug-in diffuser is perfect for all animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, horses, and birds.

It’s best to create your pet’s den as soon as possible to give your pet a chance to become accustomed to the space. The den needs to be accessible at all times so it can be visited even when you’re not at home.

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