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Maison de Moggy for people to adopt a cat

Maison Moggy's mogs

Maison Moggy’s mogs

The first ‘cat cafe’ has opened its doors in Scotland to enable feline fans to drink the purrfect cuppa.

Animal lovers visiting Maison de Moggy, in Edinburgh’s heart, will be able to spend up to an hour in the company of the cafes 10 pedigree cats.

The cats range from Ragdolls to Maine Coons, and are aged between four months and two years. They have a specially designed playground.

Café owner Laura O’Neill says there is an important reason behind her business.

Adopt a cat

The 27-year-old told the Daily Record that while petting cats is therapeutic with many health benefits, the cafe also hopes to help people thinking about having their own cat.

O’Neill says the visitors will be able to compare the different breeds – Bengals can be wild and hyper while Ragdolls can be cuddly – and decide if they are suited to caring for a particular breed.

She is also hoping to attract cat lovers who for whatever reason are unable to have pets themselves. She believes people suffering stress will benefit from stroking the cats – plus the cats love all the attention themselves.

The cats have been given French names and include Alaine the Ragdoll, Guillaume the Chinchilla Persian and Sebastian the Domestic British Shorthair.