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Cat Litter Training

cat litter training

Private function: cats do not like being watched doing their business

Cat Litter Training (Toilet Training)

Kittens are in the main easy to litter train. Indeed many learn by watching their mother before you collect them to bring them home. These are a few simple steps that will make sure your kitten uses the littler tray in very little time.

Simple steps to train a cat to use its litter tray

• Demonstrate where the litter tray is by placing the kitten in it and let him or her have a scratch and sniff around.
• Keep putting your kitten in the tray on a regular basis, particularly when he or she wakes up or after a meal.
• Keep the tray clean at all times. Because cats are naturally very clean they will refuse to use their tray if you let it get dirty. Beware though: don’t use strong detergents or other chemicals as they deter cats.
• Place the tray in a quiet spot. Cats like their privacy and do not like being watched or disturbed when they do their business.
• Do not punish a kitten for having an accident outside the tray. If you witness them, say ‘NO’ firmly and then place them into the tray. Make sure you praise him or her while he or she is in there.

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What If My Cat Won’t Use The Litter Tray

Lack of cleanliness is the main culprit when a cat or kitten won’t use a litter tray. Cats do not like using a dirty litter tray. Old litter must be cleared on a regular basis.
There are other reasons why a cat may not use a litter tray. They include:
• The litter tray might be too clean! The smell of strong perfume or detergent can discourage a cat from using it.
• Cats are very choosy about the litter you use. Your cat or kitten may simply dislike the type you have chosen, due to the smell or texture. Experiment with the various different types of litter, or return to the previous litter if you have changed it recently.
• Stressed cats may sometimes choose not to use a litter tray. Stress can be caused by noises, unusual smells, new pets, ne people or even new furniture.
• Neutered cats are less likely to spray, but some male cats often mark their territory by spraying.
• Cats, who are creatures of habit. may return to a place they have previously used as a toilet. If this is an inappropriate place it is useful to make the area less desirable to the cat by
o Removing any toilet scent and cleaning the area. Vinegar & water is a good mixture to take away any odours.
o Place tin foil or plastic sheet over the area, as cats don’t like the feel or sound of walking over these type of surfaces.