Cat scratching

cat_scratching_furnitureStop your cat scratching your home

Your cat is intent on scratching your carpets, furniture and curtains to mark his or her territory, to work off excess energy, to play, or possibly to rid him or her of frayed slivers of claw. The best news is that scratching can be prevented easily.

To prevent cat scratching:

  • Get one or more cat scratching posts, and enhance the appeal by spraying some catnip on them.
  • Learn how to trim your cat’s claws. Your vet can probably give you a quick lesson if you don’t know how. It’s a task that can be grasped very quickly. And cat claw clippers are not expensive
  • Get some claw or nail caps, which are little vinyl sleeves that fit over a cat’s claws, preventing damage when they scratch.

Any cat’s behaviour can be changed, you just need to learn how