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Cat Water Fountains

Cat Water Fountains are beneficial to your cats health

Go with the flow: Cats will drink more healthy water with a fountain

Water fountains offer a very good way to encourage your precious pet to drink more water, which is very good for their health and well-being – not least because it reduces the risk of many medical complications that can be triggered by dehydration.

You may have noticed that your cat chooses to drink running water, and can be reluctant to drink water that has been left to stand in a bowl. This dates back to the days before cats were domesticated and wild cats chose clean, running water over standing water that tended to be brackish and contaminated.

However, some cats are put off by the almost chemical smell of common tap water.

Cat Water Fountains provide a fresh alternative to tap water

Tap tip: Some cats find water from the sink appealing, others don’t

A drinking fountain therefore becomes the best alternative – re-circulating water through a filter, and providing water with a greater exposure to oxygen to generate cool, filtered, fresh-tasting water.

If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, can lead to dehydration – especially if their diet is mainly if not solely made up of biscuits and other dry foods. Dehydration can lead to some serious health concerns – like increasing the risk of urinary tract or kidney diseases.

There is research that indicates 33% of cats over the age of eight die as a result of kidney or urinary tract problems.

Giving your cat access to a plenty of good, clean, running water encourages them to do as nature intended: to drink all they need. The easiest, and possibly the best way, to make this possible is to buy a drinking fountain.

Cat water fountains tend to be made in one of three materials; ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel.  They can look quite attractive too!

As cat sitters with nearly 20 years of experience in our Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind pet sitting business we are able to provide some in-depth reviews of the best and most popular cat water fountains  on the market.

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