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Not be confused with urinating, spraying is normal, natural behaviour for marking territory. Find out how to stop it in the house.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your pets

We all know that our pets – cats and dogs – can be very mischievous. It’s often why we love them as much as we do. As it’s that time of year, here’s a little poem to help us remember them – especially if you’ve gone away to family and friends and left them behind […]

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Helpful tips to encourage your cat to use a litter tray

It’s essential that our cats know what they’re allowed to do in the home and one of the issues that many of us face is making sure our furry friends understand the idea of the litter tray. After all none of us wants to return after a long day at work to find there has […]

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How to tell if your cat is lonely

Cats are often thought of as solitary creatures that are happy in their own company. It’s not borne out by scientific research. The fact is that as a domesticated companion species, cats come close to depending on the regular company of and interaction with us humans. Research also demonstrates that cats enjoy the companionship of […]

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Cat spraying

Cat Spraying Is Common When a cat deposits urine on surfaces like furniture, doorways and walls it is called feline spraying or marking. It can be a little or a lot. A typical posture for a cat intent on spraying is to back into its area of choice, slightly quiver its tail, and, with no […]

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