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The Story Behind Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind Pet Care

Our story

CDPOM loves animals

True Love: Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind grew out of an affection for animals

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) was formed in November 1999. Louise Wilsher recognised that pets are much happier when looked after in their own homes. So she set up the business to provide cat care and dog walking in London.

Providing care for pets in their own homes is now recognised by vets as less stressful for both the animals and their owners. Plus the care is more consistent and comprehensive.

Louise’s decision came after a successful entrepreneurial career. Not only has Louise worked in catering management, running her own entertainment & restaurant businesses, but she has also had her own driving-instruction business.

It was Louise’s realisation it would benefit fellow animal lovers if they could rely upon a professional service. As a result she decided to provide pet care and dog walking services in London and look after people’s pets & their homes while they were away, or simply too busy!

As Louise, whose father was one of the founders of Securicor, points out: “Houses and flats are much safer and more secure if someone stays in or visits them. It allows them to keep a regular eye on things while their owners are away. It is also healthier for animals not to suffer the stress of being moved to unfamiliar surroundings.”

Celebrate Pets (including Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind) is a member of:
  • PIFThe Pet Industry Federation (formerly the Pet Care Trade Association), which represents the British pet care industry. PIF developed the Code of Conduct that has become the foundation for the Government’s Licencing Standards and represents best practice.
  • British Dog Groomer's AssociationThe British Dog Groomers Association, which represents groomer members by providing education, training and support. As a member, the Otto & Alice, the Mobile Grooming Studio, abides by the BDGA’s Professional Groomers’ Charter. This is a code of practice designed to guarantee the highest standards of customer care and animal welfare.
  • The British Kennel & Cattery Association, which acts as a voice for the licensed kennel and cattery sector. Customers are encouraged to look for the logo to ensure they use a high quality, professional business.

The aims of the BKCA are to:

  • promote and assist members and to protect the commercial interests of their businesses
  • provide for the formation and exchange of views on questions connected with the conduct of the business of its members
  • represent, express and give effect to the majority opinions of members on commercial matters of all kinds
  • collect and circulate relevant information to members
  • establish, promote and monitor standards of good practice across the sector
  • provide education, training and support
  • represent the sector on law and policy matters
  • We are of NOT members The National Association of Registered Petsitters (NARP). Although it claims to be the largest pet care organisation in the UK and that it sets the standards for the pet and house sitting industries in the UK, we were members for many years and became aware that they do very little if anything at all. They never inspect any of their members to see what the standard of their services is, so we decided it really was not worth the money.

Louise Wilsher, the business’s founder and director, is a member of the Institute For Animal Care Education and the British Horse Society and is a keen supporter of animal charities including:

The CDPOM mission

The mission of Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind is to be London’s leading provider of pet care and dog walking services in London. This covers cat care, small animal care, dog walking, dog day care, and house & pet sitting. Louise is proud of CDPOM’s adherence to high standards of professionalism, reliability, honesty, responsibility and care.

Since its formation in 1999, Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind has discovered the services it offers are increasingly in demand.

Not only do people throughout the areas CDPOM covers in London covet its services but others further afield in Greater London, the rest of the UK and indeed globally have requested CDPOM’s help.

As a small, highly focused company, CDPOM endeavours to fulfil all the requests it receives. However, sometimes it has to decline approaches.

But rest assured, Louise and her team work very hard to help people find a solution every time, whatever the challenge.

For example CDPOM has been asked to care for animals in transit from India to America. It has also received commissions from as far away as Kuwait, while the pet owners were away.

Carers have even been asked to fly to Naples in Italy to look after two South African Ridgebacks and Georgia in the USA to take care of a pair of pedigree cats!