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Our insurance cover

pet insurance policy

Game on: Our policy covers exercising dogs off lead

Our pet and public liability insurance cover

About Celebrate Pets’s insurance cover

Our insurance is provided by Cliverton, which leads the way in offering specialist cover for animal-related businesses.

Indeed CDPOM’s home-visiting, pet-sitting and grooming insurance policy is unique in the market at present. It covers employer’s liability, public liability, loss of keys and property damage.

Pet insurance for minding & sitting

It has previously been difficult to arrange public liability insurance on a single policy for pet

pet insurance

Fully covered: cats and other pets are fully insured while we visit

sitters who also carry out house-sitting, and many pet sitter policies preclude people from boarding pets over night in their own home.

We are pleased to say that our cover is for both of these activities, and includes cover for all our carers and the animals in their care, custody or control.

Pet insurance for house sitting

This covers public liability in respect of over-night stays in a customer’s home, and includes any property entrusted to our care, custody or control. Occasional house sitting where no pets are involved is also included.

We guarantee that all locks, security and protective measures are put into operation if a property is ever left unattended, or overnight – whether or not a carer is in the property.

Property owners do need to arrange with their own household insurer to extend their policy to cover losses incurred whilst there is a house sitter present.

Our policy extends to providing indemnity in respect of claims arising as a result of the carer undertaking gardening and light domestic duties ancillary to the principal business of pet and/or house sitting.

Loss of keys

The policy indemnifies our carers in respect of all sums that they become legally liable to

pet insurance

Doggone: the policy covers pet taxis, pet-to-vet services and pet re-location

pay in respect of:

  • call out charges and expenses arising out of an error in setting or re-setting intruder alarms
  • call out charges, expenses and the cost of replacement locks or alteration to locking mechanisms following the loss of keys.
  • provision, where necessary, of temporary protection to a customer’s premises following the loss of keys.

Pet taxis and pet re-location

Our Cliverton policy also provides insurance for pet taxis, pet-to-vet services and pet re-location (including overseas). Customers have even used our pet-taxi service to get their pets to their wedding on time.

CDPOM is covered by public liability insurance for all our activities, including exercise off the lead (where the owner’s written instructions to exercise off-lead have been received).