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Automatic Cat Feeders

Automatic cat feeders

Food for thought: which automatic cat feeder is right for you and your cat?

Automatic cat feeders are near-perfect solutions for those days when you just can’t get home to feed your pets or you want them to be fed while you’re asleep or unable to reach your cat’s feeding bowls when they demand it!

Have you ever been whined at to wake up at some unearthly hour to see to your cat’s dietary needs? Do you work long hours? Does you work demand that you do a lot of travelling?

Maybe you are ill and just don’t have the energy to top up the bowls as often as your precious pets would like.

A lot of us have to deal with these demanding issues on a daily basis. Well, automatic cat feeders can help solve all of these problems.

When you buy one you will soon discover that with automatic cat feeders, your cat will always be fed on time. This means that you can stop fretting and – for the lucky ones among us – you can grab some extra hours of sleep (especially at weekends)!

Nor will you ever have to worry again about rushing back home when you are working late. You can now rest assured that with one of the many great automatic cat feeders on the market your cat will be fed on time, every time, and they will love you more than ever.

However, there are a lot of feeders available and which of the many automatic cat feeders is going to be right for you and your pet?

As cat sitters with nearly 20 years worth of experience in our Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind pet sitting business we are able to provide some in-depth reviews of the best and most popular automatic cat feeders on the market.

So you can be sure of finding the one that is just right for you and your furry friend please bear in mind:

  • Some automatic cat feeders enable you to feed your pet for several days, while others are only designed for a day at a time.
  • You need to make sure that you also provide a water station, so your cat can always drink clean, fresh water.
  • Automatic cat feeders need to be tested before critical use so that you can be sure the food is being dispensed properly before you leave your cat at home alone.

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