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Chow Chow Grooming

February 13 2015: Chow Chow grooming is challenging

Chow Chow grooming

Grizzly the Chaw Chow had a spring in the step after my groom

If you have never thoroughly groomed a Chow Ghow give yourself five hours to do it – especially if the dog hasn’t been groomed for six months!
The coat is long in most parts and very, very dense and if not brushed daily the coat matts quickly, close to the skin.
Brushing out a Chow coat before the shampoo is fundamentally important.
A blast dryer before brushing helps loosen knots and mats a little bit.
There is a technique to brushing a Chow and if you haven’t done it before its worth watching a video of somebody brushing a Chow.
Drying thoroughly is also very important. The skin must not be left damp.
The final results of Grizzly’s groom were well worth the effort. She looked, smelled and felt spectacular!
I thought she looked happy too and definitely had a spring in her step as she pranced out of my grooming van and up her garden path.