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Cuba’s street dogs face government death squads

Street dogs of CubaDogs that live on the streets of Cuba are facing agonising deaths every day, according to Brian Davies, Founder of The Network Of Animals that campaigns against animal cruelty throughout the world.

Davies went to investigate and what he found was a country where it is down to volunteer individuals to care for the street dogs, while the government’s own agents are trying to seize and kill them. They are not humane. They use strychnine, which produces some of the most painful and dramatic symptoms of any known toxic reaction.

As a result, hundreds of dogs are dying each month – in agony!

The volunteers do not have the benefit of any medicines or surgical equipment. These are banned by the Cuban government, which insists sick animals must go to a government clinic.

When 82-year-old Davies went to a clinic to offer some medicines to help, two government officials rushed to the clinic and threw him out.

As Davies said: “This in a clinic that had no medicines and is reusing disposable syringes and gloves. It seems the officials would rather let dogs die than let me help them.”


Click on this picture to watch video of the rescue

Consequently, Davies joined forces with a group of volunteers and founded Protection of Animals in the City (PAC). PAC is now able to care for Havana’s stray dogs and cats. The organisation runs spaying and neutering programmes and keeps dogs in safe houses, out of reach of the dog killing government officials.

Davies said: “PAC is doing wonderful work. During our meeting, they received a call saying a cat had been stabbed and disembowelled. We rescued the cat and saved her life. What a great feeling! We renamed the cat, Angel.”

Davies and his organisation have pledged to help PAC with supplies of medicine and equipment. But they are calling for donations to help.