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Dematting Barney’s coat

Knotty problem: de-matting Barney's coat is essential

Knotty problem: dematting Barney’s coat is essential

23 February 2015: Dematting a dog’s coat

It may look like it hasn’t got any matting but with my giant greyhound comb I am able to find lots of matts immediately when I am grooming and dematting this little fellow.

In cases like Barney’s I believe it is best to work through these thigh matts at least before the bath.

As Barney is very sensitive, I need to be very careful that I don’t upset him too much by pulling his skin when I remove the matts.

But once I am done the little fellow is at last knot free, shampooed and dried. After this effort he is a treat to scissor – and he is happier too!