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Dog brushing: the right tools

Dog brushing with a Zoom Groom

Dog brushing with a Zoom Groom should be done daily

26 January 2015:

“My dog gets so knotted”!!??

I hear this so often and I am afraid my friends, it’s because your dog is not being brushed enough!

Almost all canines need and deserve a good dog brushing – daily! With the correct brush you can stimulate the blood stream and oils to flow freely and healthily in the dog’s skin,which helps give your dog a beautiful coat.

With regular brushing your pet’s coat won’t have a chance to get tangled and knotted. It’s not too late to make a resolution to run a brush or comb through your dog’s coat every day.

Special attention should be paid to to tummies, groin, underarms and behind the ears. Oh yes – don’t forget to brush the moggy too!