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Cancel Dog Chewing

remove shoes to stop dog chewing

Tasty treats: dogs find shoes very interesting

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing

Making sure your dog is well behaved and does not chew your shoes and the rest of your house to bits is essential if you want to live in harmony with your pet.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

To stop a dog from chewing the first thing you have to learn is that you are the one in control, and your dog needs to know this. The single most common reason dogs start chewing things in the home is because they are allowed to do what they want without apprehension.

Stop your dog chewing 

Other reasons that lead to dogs chewing is because they are bored, or they could be anxious, lonely, hungry, or simply seeking to relieve gum pain.

Whatever the cause you need to stop the problem.

Seek out teething toys. Hard rubber balls, Kongs. puppy teething rings and frozen dog treats work well in this area.

You should also consider how you may chew-proof your home. Don’t leave whatever he or she likes to chew – e.g. your shoes – lying about.

Being well behaved means no chewing.