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Dog ear cleaning on a day off

17 February 2015: Home Sweet Home

Dallas, Margot and Denzel (aka Duchess, Mumpy and The Colonel) are my trio of Labradors – collectively known as the Bahbahs (after Bah Bah Black Sheep).

The oldest is my chocolate 6-year-old bitch Dallas. The other two are 4-year-old black brother and sister, Denzel & Margot. What a joy they are!

It makes such a joyful difference having them at home when I get back.
Tomorrow, I have another day at home with my dogs. I am very excited. I love to be with them.

I lavish my attention on them by dog brushing. Included in the pampering is dog ear cleaning, which is done three-times weekly anyway, nail checking and flea file checking.
About 1.30pm we all go for a lovely long ramble in the Kent countryside. Bliss!
They LOVE being brushed and all barge in front of one another to get to be brushed instead of the others.
I am not an authoritarian with my dogs, even though I can get best results in obedience from most other dogs when they are in my charge. It’s not the case with the my Labrador Trio.
So, sorry in advance to any visitors who may be knocked flying by them when they arrive at our door!
Roll on tomorrow.