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The Truth about Fat Cats & Dogs

It’s not just us who are putting our health at risk when we carry extra pounds – obesity is a burgeoning problem for pets too.

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Keep Pets Cool When Temperatures Rise

Long-range predictions are pointing towards an even hotter July and August than we have already seen in May and June, with lengthy bouts of blazing sunshine possible all the way to autumn. It’s time to keep pets cool! A large area of high pressure stretching from the Atlantic across Britain to Scandinavia in the east […]

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Chia Seeds Can Help Your Dog

Chia Seeds and Dogs Long considered a superfood, Chia seeds are now being labelled a ‘miracle’ food. The good news for dogs is they are beneficial for them too. The fatty acids in Chia will help keep your dog’s coat healthy – especially if your best friend is sensitive to fish and fish oil. Salvia Hispanica, to […]

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