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Take Your Dog to the Beach – Without Risking a Fine

Walk your dog on the beachDog owners face £75 fines if they walk their pets on non dog-friendly beaches because local councils have chosen to ban canines during the summer months.

In a nation that is supposed to be dog-friendly, it is extremely unfortunate that dog walkers are being warned they could face a prosecution or fines if they breach these summer beach restrictions.

Of Britain’s many beaches it is a relatively small number where dogs are allowed all year round. Dog walkers are reminded that the summer restrictions for dogs on beaches came into force on 1 May so dogs are banned from a number of beaches until 30 September.

The one piece of good news is that the majority of British beaches do welcome responsible dog owners outside the summer months – between1 October to 30 April.

One helpful outfit – The Beach Guide – has researched the dog-friendly beaches and those where dogs are banned. Hopefully, their list will save you any wasted journeys.

Seasoned, all-weather dog walkers love to discover new routes with panoramic views. Now the weather has cheered up, it really is the ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors with our four-legged friends.

As well as woodland walks and hikes up and down hills, there are some spectacular routes along Britain’s coastlines. As most of our dogs love water adventures on the coast can be very rewarding.

From the list, here are some of our recommendations, encompassing the drama of Cornwall’s coastline, to the sandy seaside of Sussex.

Sandymouth, Cornwall

Cornwall offers many exhilarating strolls whatever the weather. Sandy, wide beaches with plenty of scenery beckon. Dogs can run off-lead and enjoy the many rock pools as well as the rolling surf, or they can explore the grasslands and cliffs from higher vantage points. You’ll need your towels to dry your dogs off before their ride home!

Brean Beach, Somerset

This beach is open throughout the year. It covers three miles of seafront with a generous stretch of beach and is surrounded by countryside so there’s plenty to run along and discover.

It’s worth thinking about hitting the beach when it is quieter by going at dawn and catching the sunrise as it comes up over the water. Your dogs will love exploring the dunes and you may enjoy a peaceful and chilly morning swim.

Danes Dyke, Yorkshire

Danes Dyke is part of Yorkshire’s Nature Reserve. A mix of sand and pebbles, strolling on this stretch of coast rewards dog walkers with some stunning scenery. There are white sandy stretches and plenty of chalk cliffs.

There are numerous rock pools, some easy and flat walks in the forests in this area which is surrounded by interesting places like Sewerby and Bridlington.

Holkham Bay, Norfolk

Regarded by many travel writers as among best British beaches, Holkham Bay offers pristine, smooth and golden sands that stretch for miles in all directions including towards the sea.

It is so vast that Holkham feels like a quiet coastal stretch. Dog love getting paws wet in the surf, running around the dunes and exploring the pine woods that rise above the beach.

Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire

Open all year round, this is shingle beach that teems with coastal appeal. There are colourful huts that line the shoreline or plenty of cafes and kiosks where you can stop for refreshments. Many also supply water for your dogs. One walk that is worth trying is along Hurst Spit to Hurst Castle.

Slapton Sands, Devon

Slapton Sands is actually a shingle beach that stretches three miles and lies parallel to Slapton Ley Nature Trail. No restrictions apply to dogs on this beach, which is recommended for its excellent water quality by the Marine Conservation Society.

Because this is Britain and the weather cannot be guaranteed we recommend being prepared for all conditions. If necessary, make sure your dogs have waterproof jackets, comfortable leads, and harnesses.  Please message us if you have a favourite that we can add it.

Of course, if you are going away and leaving your cat at home, CDPOM can look after your pets in their own homes while you’re away, or simply too busy!  To find out more, get in touch.