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Hand stripping is a key skill in dog grooming

Another satisfied customer: Rodney the Border Terrier

Short of time? Let Louise take some of the stress out of your day by coming to you and providing the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio dog grooming service at your door.

To find out more or to make a booking call Louise on [telnumlink]07837 372527[/telnumlink].

It cannot be stressed enough: Regular grooming of your dog is essential to promote his or her whole well-being, happiness and health.

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Regular customer: Molly enjoys looking her best

For a start, when dog grooming, Louise makes sure that any debris, dander and external parasites are removed.

The aim is to prevent irritating knots and mats from forming and removing any before they become uncomfortable for your dog.

As the dog grooming process progresses your dog’s skin is massaged and exfoliated to promote a truly healthy coat.

This has the extremely important added bonus of enabling Louise to detect any minor health concerns and ailments nice and early if they exist.

Learn From A Professional

Dog grooming can be a wonderful way of bonding with your dog, and Louise can teach you the dog grooming basics so you can keep your precious pet in trim between regular grooms.

It’s always best to start the dog grooming process when your dog is as young as possible. This makes it so much easier for your dog to accept what is involved.

What The Service Includes

Depending on a customer’s stipulation, Louise’s dog grooming service can include coat clipping, nail clipping, styling scissor work, hand stripping, expressing anal glands, ear cleaning and teeth brushing (not de-scaling), washing and drying. Prices are subject to the number of services requested.

To find out more or to enquire about a booking please call Louise on [telnumlink]07837 372527[/telnumlink].