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Stop Dog Jumping

Prevent Your Dog From Jumping Up

dog jumping up

Messy business: dogs jumping up can cause damage

Stopping a dog from jumping up should start when your dog is still a puppy. 

Although it’s undeniably funny and exciting to see the puppy so happy, the owner must resist rewarding it with praise and attention when it jumps up.

Nipping this behaviour in the bud is much easier to manage when your dog is still a small puppy than when it’s a full grown dog that can knock a person off balance when it jumps up.

Preventing a dog from jumping up is really a safety issue, especially if there are children or elderly people potentially involved.

A fully grown dog can knock these individuals over and cause them severe harm, even though it is by no means the dog’s intent to harm them.

To prevent your dog from jumping up, one trick is to make it clear it is never appropriate for the dog to jump up.

Tricks and Tips to Prevent Dog Jumping

To do this, ignore the dog when it tries to jump up. Then to deter the dog from jumping up in future, the individual should turn his or her back on the dog and refuse to return any eye contact with the dog.

As the dog wants to get a person’s attention when that person’s back is turned and there’s no eye contact, the dog does not receive the attention he or she seeks.

If and when this is done consistently, the dog will learn that jumping up does not get the attention and so he or she will turn to other ways of attracting attention.

Having calmed the dog down, the next step in stopping a dog jumping up is to positively reinforce the good behavior.

You can tell the dog to sit and lavish attention on him or her.  This teaches the dog that when he or she does not jump up and sits down he or she receives a lot of attention.

This is by far the best and most effective way of stopping a dog from jumping up on anyone who may come into the dog’s view.

Telling those people who come into the home how to react to the dog, telling it to sit when greeting it, the behaviour will be further reinforced and the dog stopped from jumping up as a matter of course.