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Dog Leash Training

walking the dog

Walk the dog: mastering the art of walking the dog is a dog owning essential

Enjoying a Walk: Dog Leash Training

To walk a dog in an enjoyable manner means mastering how to stop a dog from pulling on the lead. It’s one of the essentials of dog ownership.

Indeed, many dog behavioural problems can stem from the dog feeling it is OK to drag you down the street. If your dog thinks it’s in charge of the walk, there is a strong likelihood of the dog seeing itself as the pack leader – not you!

With a confusing array of gadgets, collars and leads purporting to solve dog pulling problems it is common for dog owners to think it’s a problem they can leave to technology to solve. Wrong! When your dog is allowed to think it is in charge, none of these devices will do anything other than divert the animal’s energy elsewhere.

Here’s a test:  do you find yourself having to correct your dog every 30 seconds or so? If this is the case then something is fundamentally wrong. You have to learn to convince your dog it’s you who is the pack leader.

Start taking control  inside the house. Before you even open the door to go out:

  1. Fetch your dog’s lead then wait until your dog is calm before you attach it.
  2. First walk around the house with the dog on its lead. Go around the furniture and make sure yor dog is following you, and at no time is in front.
  3. If the dog pulls in front then change direction so your dog is behind you again.
  4. If your dog stops and won’t come on then hold the lead firmly for say 10 seconds before calling your dog to follow. The dog will follow you. You just have to be patient.
  5. Take control of the doorways. Always walk through the door first, especially if and when your dog is on the lead

Once you get to open the front door to go out, practice walking through it in and out a few times with you in front at all times. Carry on with this exercise until your dog has relaxed and you can tell it has given up waiting for you to decide the next move

Your posture is important. You need to be relaxed and calm. Your shoulder should be down and lead straight at the elbow.

Now let’s get walking.