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Dog Walking London, Dog & Puppy Care

At Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind we offer a range of dog & puppy care solutions. When walking a dog we guarantee each owner that we walk their dogs separately, unless otherwise instructed. 

We promise that our carers will not walk more than one owner’s dogs at a time, unless we are asked to give a dog more socialisation or other training.

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We believe walking too many dogs at a time does not give each dog the attention and exercise they need, deserve and want. Meeting other dogs on a walk is part of the pleasure they get from a visit from a CDPOM carer.

Our policy doesn’t mean that we won’t walk one owner’s two dogs together – hey are probably used to each other and will run together anyway.

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Dog walking: Louise loves meeting new dogs

For so many people, their dogs are their children, and they want them to have fun and plenty of exercise rather than being left cooped up in the home all day. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety so a visit from CDPOM is therapeutic as well as beneficial.

Anyway, dogs are very social animals and enjoy being with someone, so Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind carers seek to give each dog as much of a treat as they can, in the absence of their loving owner.

All our carers are devoted dog lovers and ensure the dogs in their charge are professionally looked after.

We DO NOT cart bunches of dogs in the back of a car or van at one time, which can mean that some animals transported in this way spend over an hour in the back of a vehicle before they reach fresh air and exercise.

Puppy Care

In those crucial early days, before your puppy has been fully vaccinated, we can arrange to provide you with extended care for your new little baby in your own home, while you’re away at work or simply too busy.

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Fun bundle: CDPOM has vast experience of looking after puppies

Our professional pet carers can look after your puppy from an hour to all day, whatever best suits you.

Then, when they are old enough and have had all their vaccinations, your puppies can be looked after by our trained, professional carers.

Get Puppy Smart if you’re thinking of getting a dog

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind supports the RSPCA’s Get Puppy Smart campaign. If you are thinking about getting a dog have a look at the Get Puppy Smart website. It’s full of information about what you need to consider before you commit to becoming a dog owner.

NB One person in five who buys a puppy does not have the dog two years later, and the RSPCA says many people are simply not prepared for the commitment and cost of looking after a dog.

For more information call 07973 692509 or email