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Bespoke Dog Walking London

Dog walking London pavement

Twilight bark, twilight walk: we walk all breeds

We have been tailoring the way we look after and walk your dogs to your specifications since 1999.

It gives us a deep sense of pride that some of our customers have been using us since the beginning.

What we promise owners is that each of our professionally trained dog walkers will walk their pets separately – unless otherwise requested.

Exceptions are made when we are asked to give a dog more socialisation or other training. But we believe focusing on each owner’s pets separately is the best way of giving each dog the attention and exercise he or she needs, deserves & wants.

Visit our Areas We Cover page to see if we serve where you live or work. Before we start walking your dogs we will organise a free face-to-face consultation for you to meet us and for us to get to know you and your dogs.

Call 07973 692509 or email

NB We DO NOT cart bunches of dogs in the back of a car or van at one time, which can mean that some animals transported in this way spend over an hour in the back of a vehicle before they reach fresh air and exercise.

What makes a good dog walker?

Dog walking London involves knowing lots of parks

Walk in the park: our carers know the best London parks near you

Dog walking for a living is more than just pulling on a leash and getting some exercise with a dog. All our dog walkers are animal lovers who are professionally trained to be in tune with the ways of dogs they walk.

We also require each member of our dog walking London team to know as much as possible about each of the dogs – not just from their own experience but also from reading and speaking to the owners, to vets and other dog professionals. This means that our dog walkers are aware which breeds might not be compatible and which tend to get along just fine with one another.

It also means, for example, that each dog walker knows what to do if a bitch is in heat, when she attracts more than her fair share of attention and how to be prepared. Our dog walkers are also trained to handle dogs that might suddenly turn aggressive and to read situations well in advance.

Each dog walker is well versed in how to scoop the poop, and is aware of local by-laws as they affect dog walking London in certain areas etc. You can rest assured that our dog walkers has your dog’s best interests at heart.

Equipped with branded ruck sacks, each CDPOM dog walker carries extra water, as well as spare leashes, collars, dog toys, dog treats, etc.

Experience with leads, collars & harnesses

Our dog walkers have experience of working with all manner of equipment when dog walking London from the basic lead and collar to the most elaborate Dog Mobiles for incapacitated dogs.

Knowing where to take your dog

With more than 17-years experience of dog walking London, we pride ourselves on knowing the best places to take your dogs for their sniffs and exercise. Whether it’s to one of the Royal Parks, or a Pocket Park, or anything in between we are keen to explore London’s open spaces with the dogs we walk.

We are supporters of many of the parks and open spaces and have been known to take part in the fun dog shows that many of these host every year.

Dog First Aid and medication

Our carers hold Animal Aiders First Aid certificates, which means they are dog walking animal first aidtrained in:

  • Up-to-date techniques taught by veterinary professionals
  • Bandaging injured animals
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for your pets
  • Using specialist animal first aid equipment

Animal Aiders, who organise the training, have been providing practical and high quality courses for years, making it possible for our dog walking team to practice Animal First Aid effectively and helping us become  better prepared pet care professionals whether we are caring for horses, dogs or cats.