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Dog Walking the City of London

Dog walking the City of London

Dog walking the City of London is not for the faint hearted. We have been doing it since 1999 so we know.

When we sit down with each of our customers to discuss dog walking the City of London we want to find out what it is they want for their dog so we can tailor a fulfilling package to suit your lifestyle, your pet, your timetable and of course your budget.

The results speak volumes because the dogs have fun with our team. We aren’t interested in just quoting a price, and expecting you to allow us to just get on with it!

No. Our sense of pride in the fact that customers have been calling on our services for 20 or more years, is built on our understandimng of how to walk dogs in the City of London.

To find out more call [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink] or email cdpom@aol.com

When we head out of the door with your dog on its lead or harness to go dog walking the City of London we make sure we have all the necessary equipment, including poop bags.

Plan for dog walking the City of London

To make sure dogs remain a welcome part of the urban neighbourhood we apply a 12-point plan:

  1. Ensure the dog is always going to be safe.
  2. If the walk involves rides in a lift, we will always make sure the dog is calm and well-mannered. We know there are people who are anxious around dogs and being confined in small spaces is no time to try to convince them otherwise. We will always find out the specific rules because we are aware some buildings require us to use the freight elevator or a back exit when accompanied by dogs.
  3. It’s standard CDPOM policy to have the dogs walk slightly ahead of us so we can spot any edible goodies that others might have dropped on the pavement so we can steer your dog clear.
  4. Our policy is also to keep the dogs in our care on lead when we walk around the streets. This is for the dog’s safety and that of others. We need to be able to pull our charges back if they suddenly bolt. Even the friendliest and most controlled dog can react when they hear sudden noises, loud cyclists, or erratic skateboarders.
  5. We keep our eyes open to watch out for any dangers. For example, we are aware that the Yellow Dog Project is gaining momentum and some dog owners have taken to using yellow leads or attaching prominent yellow ribbons to the lead to indicate their dog prefers to be left alone.
  6. The team likes to apply doo diligence. It’s guaranteed that dogs in our care are going to squat to do their business as soon as any group of people are approaching. We have learned to remain cool, wait for nature to take its course, and then reach for our trusty poop bags. With so many years experience of walking dogs in the City of London you can rely on us having scoped out the most convenient rubbish bins.
  7. As often as we can we will discourage the dogs we walk from dampening any flowerbeds that someone has obviously spent time cultivating. The dogs are encouraged to relieve themselves safely in gutters or on vertical surfaces like lampposts.
  8. Where possible and required we will try to desensitise any very nervous dogs we walk when dog walking the City of London. Focussing on making the dogs as comfortable as possible in hectic, urban surroundings, we will try to gradually increase levels of distraction with which the dogs are presented.
  9. The four basic commands our city dogs tend to recognise are “Come”, “Sit-Stay”, “Heel”, and “Leave”. If you have any specific commands you would like us to use please let us know when we hold the initial consultation interview.
  10. We believe that walking dogs should be as enjoyable as possible and a time to connect with each other. It’s why the team will not be using their phone when walking your dogs. The focus is on the animal and its surroundings.
  11. If a dog in our care is acting at all skittish, we do not hesitate in asking any interested passersby not to pat the dog.
  12. Our team always has water to give the dog if the weather is particularly hot.

We have been offering professional dog walking in the City of London since 1999. Our aim is to make all walks as much fun and as interesting as possible for all the dogs we walk. What we want is to exercise both their bodies and their brains.

As much as possible the dogs we walk will receive plenty of exercise, opportunities for play and running around so they use a lot of their energy.

Aggressive dogs are not accepted.

We are proud that our team has been consistently rated five-star since 1999 and all members are:

  • First Aid Trained Walkers
  • Security Vetted & Insured
  • Consistent
  • Recommended by vets, pet professionals & dog owners

All walks are one-to-one unless otherwise requested and agreed.

To find out more call [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink] or email cdpom@aol.com

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