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Dog washing

February 16, 2015: Tea Tree Time

Choco is a chocolate Labrador whose owners like her to be kept clean and fresh smelling. Even so I don’t bath her more than once a month.
Choco is a pet dog so she’s not as reliant on the oils in her skin to act as a water barrier like some working dogs are.
After a dog washing Choco hates the hair dryer – especially around her ears. As a result I am careful not to wet her head so much that it needs the dryer.
A thorough wipe with warm wet cloths and a rub dry with a clean towel around her head suffices nicely and she is happy.
The basic shampoo I use on most dogs and cats is Groom Professional Coconut Moisturising Shampoo but I don’t use conditioner on Choco. I find a tea tree shampoo really suits her. As well as its cleansing and soothing qualities she is super shiny and smells so good. The owners are happy too!