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Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety and what can be done about it Does this sound familiar? You arrive home from work. Your dog is a jumping ball of energy. When you head towards the living room with dog in loyal tow and as you open the door there is your favourite pair of slippers – totally destroyed […]

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Dog Fouling & The Law

Dog Fouling There’s a lot of confusion about the law and dog mess – mostly among non-dog owners. The fact is that dog mess is most definitely an eyesore, a health hazard, and an affront to a modern, organised society. As dog owners, we have legal duties to clean up when our dogs mess in […]

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Dogs Who Love To Swim

Dogs Who Love To Swim In Water Our Labradors love to swim. It’s not unusual. For many dogs, the sight of a big blue stretch of water, a muddy pond, a plastic paddling pool, or even a really big puddle will put a catapult into their step and a sparkle in their eyes. And for those […]

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