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Chia Seeds Can Help Your Dog

Chia Seeds and Dogs Long considered a superfood, Chia seeds are now being labelled a ‘miracle’ food. The good news for dogs is they are beneficial for them too. The fatty acids in Chia will help keep your dog’s coat healthy – especially if your best friend is sensitive to fish and fish oil. Salvia Hispanica, to […]

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Dogs Need Glucosamine to Maintain Healthy Joints

Every day dogs give their joints a real pounding. Each time their paws hit the ground as they bound after a tennis ball, or they land on the shore after jumping off the back deck of a boat, or they just run in the park, they put their limbs under intense pressure. For some dogs, […]

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Dog Brushing

Why Dog Brushing Is Essential Brushing your dog daily is one of the most important things for your dog’s health and well-being. Maintaining your dog’s coat regularly keeps it free of painful mats and tangles, removes trapped debris and loose hair so it doesn’t get everywhere, and serves as an important way of getting to […]

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Dogs Who Love To Swim

Dogs Who Love To Swim In Water Our Labradors love to swim. It’s not unusual. For many dogs, the sight of a big blue stretch of water, a muddy pond, a plastic paddling pool, or even a really big puddle will put a catapult into their step and a sparkle in their eyes. And for those […]

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Is Your Dog Scratching Alot This Spring?

    How To Tackle Itchy Dog Scratching As the weather warms up, the pollen count is creeping higher and higher, and you may notice that dogs are becoming itchy and rolling in the grass. This rolling and the accompanying scratching and chewing of their skin is all to do with the way the histamines […]

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