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Crate Training Your Dog

Crate training is something that all dog owners are likely to need at some point in a dog’s life. At Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind we can build it into how we help you look after your dogs while you’re away, or simply too busy! It’s not something that everyone agrees with but when […]

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Dog Fouling & The Law

Dog Fouling There’s a lot of confusion about the law and dog mess – mostly among non-dog owners. The fact is that dog mess is most definitely an eyesore, a health hazard, and an affront to a modern, organised society. As dog owners, we have legal duties to clean up when our dogs mess in […]

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The Keys to Well Behaved Dog Training

Dog Training: The Basic Pointers Proper dog training techniques are key to transforming an adorable puppy into an obedient, well behaved dog everyone will enjoy. Dogs, like children, need to be taught the rules and respect for authority – of their owners and peers. Many pet owners fall head-over-heels in love with the cute face […]

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Finding A Dog Aggression Book

Dog aggression is often caused by fear Looking for a dog fear aggression elimination book to increase your understanding of how to stop aggression in your dog? Consider a dog aggression elimination book that can be bought for a good price. The ways of tracking down a dog fear aggression elimination book for dog aggression […]

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Puppy training: give them the best start

Many people believe that if they take their puppy to a training or socialisation class when they are still young they will end up with an obedient, perfectly behaved friend. It is not the case for all. Puppy training starts when you first welcome your new dog in to your home. Think about it: removing a puppy from […]

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