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Cure Dogs Barking

Dogs barking is the most annoying behaviour

Collar that barking: your neighbours will thank you for it

How to Cure Dogs Barking Problems

Dogs barking are, of the huge number of different bad behaviors dogs can display, the most annoying.

Dogs bark for many different reasons. So it is important that these are analyzed so you know whether the dog barking problem needs to be halted and how it can be done. Before you spend time training the barking out of your dog – do you know what he or she is trying to tell you?

Barking is invariably triggered by something in the environment. The dog may be trying to assert his or her dominance over another animal. He or she may be trying to stake out some territory or he or she may just bark for fun. Some dogs have a barking problem because they have not been socialized with other dogs. Others bark to get what they want.

Curing the Issue of dogs barking

There are many owners that escalate their dogs barking problems by rewarding them in some way thinking that winning their affection will solve the problem. This is just rewarding the dog for negative behavior. If we got paid for doing something wrong, don’t you think you would do something wrong again!

Dogs barking is one of the most annoying bad behaviors. But if you follow these professional training methods you’ll be successful

Our dogs need to be clear that barking is not acceptable behavior and will never be rewarded. But don’t think doing the opposite will work either. When an owner yells at his or her dog for problem barking, he or she is only negatively reinforcing the behavior by giving it undue attention.

When a dog is barking outside and the owner lets it in, this also reinforces the bad behavior causing it to continue and worse – escalate. When dogs are comforted when they bark or given treats to ‘calm them down’, this is also reinforces the dog barking problem and it is bound to continue.

Don’t fret too much. There are many methods of training a dog to correct problem barking behavior for good.

The first of these is not to react when there is a barking issue.

If the dog barks when the phone rings or the doorbell goes, the owner should simply carry on and not react. This shows the dog that there is nothing to be stressed about. When training your do you will find it helpful to ring the phone or the doorbell regularly so your dog becomes accustomed to the various noises.

There are also ways to prevent it when your dog’s barking problem occurs when you’re not at home.

One technique is to ensure your dog gets adequate exercise and has enough things to play with so he or she is not bored.

If your dog has been barking while you were away or simply too busy then you must learn not to greet your animal when you arrive home. Your dog should only be greeted when he or she  has calmed down. Praise the dog when he or she is not barking.

If the barking continues then the dog needs to be admonished abruptly – and a lot of people find the use of bark collars to be particularly useful for training this bad habit out of their dog’s behavior.