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Spring Danger 1: Fighting Fleas On Your Pet

Fleas on your pet must be managed

The most common external pet parasite: Ctenocephalides felis (flea)

Fighting Fleas

When Spring is Springing – around February each year – is the beginning of flea season! It’s time to get vigilant if you are a pet owner.

Among external canine and feline parasites,fleas are without a doubt the most common. Around one to two millimetres in length fleas live for between seven to 14 days, during which period they lay eggs, and make themselves at home while they feed on your dogs and cats.

Nor are they just the number one cause of skin problems on dogs and cats. They can also transmit disease, while even causing anaemia, especially in young kittens and puppies.
This means that it is important that you acquaint yourself with how to prevent and manage fleas. Click the button below to find out more.

Soft warm fur is such a classic environment for fleas it’s inevitable your pets will come into contact with these pests at some point in their life. Fleas are most common in warmer months, but it’s not unheard of for them to be spotted during colder times as well.

Because these insects survive by sucking blood from your pets, they can cause an plethora of health problems that range from the mildest allergies to the most fatal diseases.

Rest assured that with the right know-how, fleas and the problems they cause can easily be controlled.

Is Your Pet Playing Host to Fleas?

The first warning sign we are most likely to see is if our dogs or cats are licking and scratching excessively. This may well be down to a flea infestation.

This is what to look for:

  • Flea droppings- you can usually see little black specks by separating your dog or cat’s fur, especially just above the tail.
  • White specks, which are flea eggs, in your dog or cat’s fur
  • Hot spots or scabs on the skin that could indicate an allergy to fleas
    How To Treat and Prevent Fleas


An effective way to prevent and kill fleas is to give your pet oral tablets that can kill fleas within 30-minutes and protect your pet for a month. These can be obtained from your vet.

Spot-On Treatments

These are liquid treatments that you apply to the back of your dog’s neck that kill fleas and their eggs. These can be obtained online from places like Amazon but a prescription from your vet is the most effective method and enables you to keep track of the applications.


Good quality shampoos are useful in the main for killing fleas that have already invaded your pet’s fur. Follow any instructions with care.

Anti-Flea Collars

Flea collars work by dispersing the active ingredient through your dog’s body not simply by sitting on your dog’s neck.