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For Cats

For Cats

home visit cat care

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) looks after cats by visiting or boarding them in their own homes.

Home Visiting Cat Care in London

Looking after cats in their own homes is recommended by the experts, including those of the Cats Protection League, because cats are territorial.

Much of their feeling of security and ability to relax comes from being surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds and scents of their own territory.

As  a result the experts advise that it’s not a good idea to take your cat on holiday. Cats are simply happiest in the surroundings they know. That is why Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind looks after people’s pets in their own homes while you’re away, or simply too busy!

Hassle free & what your cat prefers

So making arrangements for Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind to look after your cat in his or her own home while you’re away is not only a sound choice – it’s what your cat would prefer.

And a big bonus of leaving your much-loved pets in the care of CDPOM’s thorough, professional loving carers, is that it’s so simple, and takes the guilt out of going away and leaving your pets behind.

There’s no need to travel to an out-of-town cattery to check that it’s suitable. After contacting Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind, and before we start looking after your pets and your home, one of our carers will discuss your detailed requirements face to face. This enables us to find out exactly what you and your pets would like us to do in your absence.

From the moment we begin caring for your pets and home until you return we complete a daily log to keep you informed of what your animals have been up to while you’ve been away.

What next?

Find out more by taking a look at our cat care prices, reading what our customers say, and calling [telnumlink]07973 692509[/telnumlink].

When you commission Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind to look after your pets you can rest assured, you have hired a dedicated, committed & fully insured team.