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German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd training is essential

German Shepherds properly trained are a delight

German Shepherd Training: The Basics

German shepherd puppies may be cute, but if you don’t do some serious training, your lovely little pup may grow into a difficult to control dog. The appearance and size of adult German shepherds is intimidating on its own so imagine a dog that doesn’t obey your command. It can terrorize your home and your neighborhood.

That’s why you must begin German shepherd training on the first day you arrive home with your puppy home from his or her breeder.

This is the only way to make sure your dog develops into an loveable and enjoyable member of your family.

Here are some tips on German shepherd training to for you and your puppy to begin your journey together in the correct way.

Who’s the boss?

You need to be when it comes to German shepherd training. German Shepherds are pack animals, so establishing yourself as leader of the pack is essential if you want the respect and obedience of your puppy.

Work on the basic commands like “sit” and “come”. Give plenty of praise when he o she obeys you. Never allow your dog to growl or nip you. If tis happens,  a really firm shake of the neck scruff and a good 15 minutes in his or her crate and no attention from you will help iron out any problems. You have to be firm. When your dog accepts you as the pack leader, your German shepherd training should continue and go much more smoothly.

The Key Is Consistency

Dogs respond best when the instruction they are given is consistent and fair. To stop your dog jumping on the sofa, you cannot allow him or her to sit there ever. To get your in to his or her crate on command, you have to enforce the instruction each time you give it.

This consistency will aid  a dog’s levels of security and comfort. This in turn will help make him or her much more likely to obey you. You need to determine the house rules right at the start – even before you have brought your puppy home. And then they must be adhered to without fail.

Praise Where Praise Is Due

There will always be a time and place for firm reprimands, but the majority of dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. This is no less true during German shepherd training sessions.

Whether your pup goes to obedience classes or you are handling the training all at home, it’s fundamentally important to let you dog know each time your dog obeys your commands – whether this is done with a happy voice, a treat or plenty of affirmative attention.

There’s no doubt that German shepherd training takes time, a lot of effort and loads of patience, but the huge rewards are worth it. Those of us who keep with the German shepherd training go on to enjoy years with a well behaved dog, who is a delight.