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GoDogGo: Dog Exercise Machine

GoDogGo: Dallas shows Margot & Denzel how well she can catch

GoDogGo: Dallas shows Margot & Denzel how well she can catch

The Ball Chucking Machine That Will Give Your Dog Exercise – both physically & mentally

Being debilitated with a painful foot injury is not good when you have dogs to exercise.
Suddenly the regular – and usually uplifting – task of taking them for a walk becomes an excruciating and not-to-be-looked-forward-to-experience.
I know because I was recently struck down with an acutely painful sprained ankle. It came about over a period of time as a result of me stupidly wearing an old worn pair of shoes and doing a lot of walking on a regular basis.
The result was a visit to the doctor’s and a sick note advising me not to walk for nearly two weeks (with the advice that my right ankle would probably not fully heal for up to six weeks!)
With Louise, my wife, shouldering the burden of going out to work the dogs were at home with me at this time. I found it almost impossible to give them anything more than a short walk to enable them to sniff their way around the block and glean the “daily news” of what their neighbour dogs had been up to.


It was not enough to give three big and energetic Labradors – seven-year-old Dallas, Margot, 4, and her twin brother Denzel – the enervating exercise they crave and need.
Help was at hand in the form of the GoDogGo machine we had bought for our ball-loving trio. It proved to be a saviour to us all.

The GoDogGo: an automatic ball launcher that dogs can load themselves

The GoDogGo: an automatic ball launcher that dogs can load themselves

The GoDogGo Ball Launcher is an automatic ball thrower for dogs. It throws a tennis ball between 15 and 30 feet for dogs to fetch, whether you are there or not.
Billed by the makers as “The World’s First Fetch Machine” it has won awards for its Remote Controlled action.


Designed specifically for dogs, who given training, can load the machine themselves simply by dropping the ball into the big green bucket. Of course it can also be dog-owner-controlled either manually or using the remote to determine the frequency up to 15 balls can be thrown for the dogs to chase and collect.
GoDogGo features an on-demand launching system with an automatic sensor and a safety switch.
Fitted with an auto-stop feature the GoDogGo machine doesn’t run unless a ball is returned to the bucket and is set ready to launch.
You can operate it either using the AC adapter or batteries. There are three distance settings and you have three choices as to how frequently the balls are despatched for the dogs to chase.
GoDogGo works with all sorts of balls including tennis balls, Kong balls, Chuckit balls, HyperPet balls, racquet balls and many more.

Don’t exhaust your dogs

One note of caution: at least one of my dogs – Dallas – is a little addicted to this machine. She loves to show off her prowess at catching the ball at all angles and will not stop unless you stop the machine. Don’t exhaust your dogs.