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Dog Humping: Is your dog a perpetrator or victim?

When you’re afraid to take your dogs walking because they may hump other dogs or be singled out for mounting practice it’s time to take action. Dog humping, where a dog mounts another dog, can be amusing to passers-by. But for dog owners, the issue is embarrassing and for the dogs being humped it can […]

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Winter Grooming Staves Off The Weather’s Harmful Effects

The winter and its weather are not far off. For many of our dogs and cats, it heralds dry flaky skin, coats that are dull and lots of mud-matted hair. Here’s what to do.

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Spring Danger 1: Fighting Fleas On Your Pet

Fighting Fleas When Spring is Springing – around February each year – is the beginning of flea season! It’s time to get vigilant if you are a pet owner. Among external canine and feline parasites,fleas are without a doubt the most common. Around one to two millimetres in length fleas live for between seven to 14 […]

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Dogs Who Love To Swim

Dogs Who Love To Swim In Water Our Labradors love to swim. It’s not unusual. For many dogs, the sight of a big blue stretch of water, a muddy pond, a plastic paddling pool, or even a really big puddle will put a catapult into their step and a sparkle in their eyes. And for those […]

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Dog Grooming Championships 2015

Plans are being worked out for this year’s exciting event at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry in Warwickshire. The event will take place on Sunday 4th October 2015. There will be trade stands, seminars, competitions etc. Details will be announced on these pages over the coming weeks and months.

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