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Home-stay For Your Cat When You Go Away

Home-stay cat

Comfy: Cats that stay at home while you’re away are happier than the ones put in to catteries.

Don’t worry about your cat when you go on holiday. Book Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind

Holidays are times for relaxing and letting go of your worries, but arranging cat care can be stressful.

It needn’t be if you contact CDPOM

If you’ve never left your cat before, knowing what the best option is can be tricky, with no way of predicting how it will cope.

When planning your cat’s care, the less upheaval the better. This isn’t always achievable but forward planning will ensure your cat manages, even enjoys, your short break from home. Many people prefer to leave their cats at home and book a carer from Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM) to come in on a daily basis to feed them and make sure they are comfortable, their litter is clean, and/or the cat flap is working. CDPOM have been providing trustworthy cat care for nearly 20 years.

Cats love to stay at home

Cats are territorial creatures that prefer to stay at home while you’re away, if given the choice. When CDPOM cat-sits, our carer stops by to feed and comfort your cat. We can do this either on a permanent stay-in basis or by visiting at regular intervals. For your cat, this means keeping its environment, all its creature comforts and enjoying the same routines as when you’re at home.

Cats don’t like change and are unaccustomed to travelling so fare much better with this arrangement. Cats that like coming and going as they please, do not demand attention all the time and adjust to new faces quickly, are ideal candidates for a professional CDPOM pet-sitter.

Even so, it’s a good idea to install a Feliway diffuser in your home to keep your cat calm while you’re away. Cats are very intuitive and can tell when something changes.

Visiting cats gives them company

If your household is usually busy and loud then when the place is empty and quiet can trigger a cat’s anxiety. When our CDPOM representative discusses arrangements with you request the times you would like your pet visited (according to the cat’s established routine) so feeding and play times are as close to the schedule to which the cat is accustomed in a 24 hour period. Of course, the more visits, the better, especially so that any medical issues with your cat can be noticed as early as possible.

Make sure you ask for the CDPOM sitter not to move your cat’s toys, scratch posts or beds too much, or to introduce any strong odours that your cat may not recognise. What CDPOM aims to do is to encourage a stress-free environment by keeping the house as untouched as possible.

Cats need care & attention

Cats require care and attention especially when it comes to you taking a break and changing their routines, so suitable provisions should be made for them. Let us know what you do when you go away – does your cat stay home and have a little holiday all of its own?

Home-stay cat

Comfy: Cats that stay at home while you’re away are happier than the ones put in catteries