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Keep Calm & Carry On Through the Fireworks Season


Cats and dogs who fear fireworks are having an anxious time just now. With celebrations like Bonfire Night and New Year approaching, loud noises and the bright flashes of fireworks are becoming more frequent.

While we keep calm because we know what the minor explosions of fireworks are, and can ignore or marvel at them as we like, our poor pets are in the dark. Most hear and see them as threatening actions.

The advice for pet owners is to stay calm and carry on. Our pets are attuned to our moods so any demonstration of stress or worry on our part will just increase their fear and make things worse. If we maintain a calm indifference it will show them there is absolutely nothing to fear and help them relax.

Along with small adjustments we can make at home, like creating safe, cosy spaces where our pets can retreat. We can shut windows and doors, including locking cat flaps. But in addition, it is helpful if we can include calming supplements or products that will enhance feelings of safety and calm.

For pets with a severe fear of fireworks, this combined approach is the one that works best. Among the top-rated products you could employ over this firework season are:

For cats to keep calm

Feliway  – available as a room spray or diffuser, Feliway products help cats keep calm because they contain a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone naturally given off by cats when they feel comfortable and secure. The diffuser provides a calming effect for up to 4 weeks.

Pet Remedy – these natural calming products contain a blend of essential oils which work alongside the relaxation pathways in the brain to help calm the nerves of anxious and stressed pets. The diffuser provides calming for up to 8 weeks, while the spray can be used as and when needed.

YuCalm  – this all-natural supplement containing scientifically proven ingredients, supports calm behaviour, eases anxiety and helps reduce stress. It can be given daily to provide long-term calming support and is designed to be palatable.

Zylkene  – containing a natural product derived from casein, a milk protein, Zylkene is a popular product amongst vets and behaviourists for helping pets to adapt to difficult or unpredictable situations where they’re likely to feel anxious or stressed. For easy administration, Zylkene capsules can be opened and the powder mixed into food.

For dogs to keep calm

Adaptil  – available as room sprays or diffusers, Adaptil products have a synthetic copy of the canine pheromone that is naturally given off when dogs feel comfortable and secure. The diffusers provide a calming effect for up to four weeks.

Maxxidog  – these are palatable tablets that have been found to help with all manner of stressful situations including with loud noises, separation anxiety, excessive barking, sleep problems, vet visits, moving house and even helping rescue dogs settle into new homes

YuCalm  – this is an all-natural supplement that contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to support calming behaviour, easing anxiety and helping reduce stress. These palatable supplements can be given daily and provide long-term support.

Zylkene  – contains a natural product that is derived from the milk protein casein. Zylkene is popular product amongst behaviourists and vets because it helps pets adapt to unpredictable and difficult situations that can cause anxiety and stress. It’s possible to open Zylkene capsules so the powder can be mixed with food for easy administering.

Good luck with all your pets from all at CDPOM. We hope you are all able to enjoy yourselves at this time of year.

If you are going away at any point in the coming winter season don’t forget, Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind can look after your cats and dogs while you are away, or simply too busy! We can visit your home to look after your cats or walk your dogs. And if you have another breed of pet we can care for them too.

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