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Keep Pets Cool When Temperatures Rise

Dog in shade

Long-range predictions are pointing towards an even hotter July and August than we have already seen in May and June, with lengthy bouts of blazing sunshine possible all the way to autumn. It’s time to keep pets cool!

A large area of high pressure stretching from the Atlantic across Britain to Scandinavia in the east has been dominating the weather and hot air from the tropical Azores is driving warmth. A change in wind direction is expected to bring a plume of red hot air from the Continent so the advice is: keep pets cool.

So before you venture outside to have fun with your pets there are some things to remember:

When Outdoors

Play with your dog in the cooler hours of the day and as much as possible hide from the midday sun.

Cats are particularly happy in the heat, dogs not so much so make sure there are shady spots where your pets can take a break and sleep (which they will tend to do more when the temperatures rise!)

In The Car

Remember that dogs can die in hot cars, so never leave a dog alone in a car on any warm days, and whenever you see any dog in distress in a hot car, don’t hesitate to dial 999.

It’s astonishing that there are people who still believe it’s ok leaving dogs in cars on warm days if they’re parked in the shade or the windows are left open. The truth is, it’s very dangerous!

Cars can become as hot as ovens very quickly, even when we don’t think it feels that warm. Fact: when it’s 22⁰C, inside a car the temperature can reach an unbearable 47⁰C inside the hour (that’s more than 116⁰F!)

Have an Ice Time

We love a cool drink when it starts to sizzle, so remember your pets and help them keep cool with some nice icy treats like ice cubes and Woof & Brew Dog Freeze Pops.

If you are eating outside be careful not to leave food out after your picnic or BBQ. The pets will no doubt devour it, but it’s not good for them!