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Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming

O&A signageProfessional Mobile Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming & Microchipping in London & North West Kent

Dog & cat grooming we come to you

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Pamper your pet the way you’d like to be pampered in a priceless & convenient way…

cat grooming London

Happy cats: a friendly personal touch helps to calm cats when they are being groomed

When it comes to dog grooming & cat grooming, City & Guilds certified groomer & stylist Louise Wilsher offers priceless convenience, saving you time and money by coming to you to provide dog grooming & cat grooming in the purpose-built Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio wherever you live in London or North West Kent including Gravesend, Sidcup, Dartford, Rochester. To find out if we cover your area click here.

Schnauzer grooming

Before & after: Dolly the miniature Schnauzer in all her glory

Imagine treating your pet to a thorough pampering, and dog grooming & cat grooming experience in the hands of a City & Guilds trained & certified pet groomer without having to take time traveling to a salon.

Making A Booking For Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming Is Easy

To find out more or to make a booking for dog grooming & cat grooming please email Louise at louise@cdpom.com or call [telnumlink]07837 372527[/telnumlink]

Your precious companion – cat or dog – can now look & feel his or her very best at the end of a dog grooming & cat grooming session with Louise – and then curl up in their own favourite places.

More About Louise’s Dog Grooming

More About Louise’s Cat Grooming

Catering for most pets – from puppies through all breeds of dogs to all breeds of cats – Louise’s Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio guarantees to provide a calm, relaxing & safe experience for your pets as they are groomed, preened & revitalised.

Louise Wilsher. Dog Groomer of Distinction & Professional Cat Groomer

Dog and cat grooming

Louise (left) is a professionally City & Guilds trained & certified dog groomer & experienced cat groomer.

Before gaining distinctions in her City & Guilds examinations, she trained at the Cutz 4 Mutz Dog Grooming Academy in south Wales – where she followed modules set out by the Pet Industry Federation.

This was followed by training at The Grooming Room in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, where she gained the Dog Grooming Training Diploma for Professional Groomers.

Since then Louise, who gained distinctions in the Level 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming, has become an expert in cat grooming.Pet Industry Federation member

Clipping, trimming and hand stripping is carried out to each client’s specification.

Each session includes nail cutting, ear cleaning, as well as a double shampoo and blow dry for both cats and dogs.

Louise only uses natural, herbal products and insecticidal shampoo. She also stocks a range of supplies and is very happy to provide some easy to follow tips on keeping your pet’s coat in tip-top condition.

No 1 Rule: Shampoo pets regularly. A clean coat is a knot-free coat


Please inquire about dog & cat grooming prices by calling Louise on [telnumlink]07837 372527[/telnumlink] or emailing louise@cdpom.com

Customers, please note:

The length of time of each groom is variable
*Coats with extensive knots & matting will need to be removed by clipping. Removal of knots & matting by other methods can be very painful for the pet.
*Coat colour enhancing shampoos are available
*The time needed for completing your pet’s pampering can vary for cats from 1 hour, and for dogs from 2 hours

Choose your own

Among the services & treatments offered by Louise are:

  • Health & well-being check
  • Thorough brushing & removal of knots and matting where necessary
  • Two shampoos
  • Coat conditioning
  • Thorough rinsing
  • A warm blow dry
  • Brushing & Combing
  • Creative styling, including clipping, scissoring, thinning & hand stripping
  • Feet & pads trimmed
  • Ears cleaned & plucked
  • Nails & dew claws clipped
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Refreshing splash of cologne spritz applied

In addition flea treatments are priced individually and booked as stand-alone services.

Please remember…

  • It is requested that pets are not given a big meal before grooming. Food can be given after the groom.
  • Also please ensure your dogs are toileted before they are groomed.
  • As our services are individually tailored to each specific animal, we don’t have a generic pricing list. While an upper & lower price specific to your pet’s breed will be given on booking, the final amount payable will depend on various other factors that cannot be determined without the animal being presented. These include coat condition, how well the coat has been maintained between visits, the time between grooming sessions, the temperament of the pet, etc. This can be discussed on arrival at your home.
  • Please note that our original price assessment will always be honoured & you will never pay more than the upper price limit dependent on an accurate and honest description of your pet being provided.

Call us first for Dog Grooming London & North West Kent and Cat Grooming London & Northwest Kent on [telnumlink]07837 372527[/telnumlink]