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Pet Friendly Holidays

Pet friendly holidays are offered by Leisure GroupPet Friendly Holidays For The Whole Family

As we become much more attached to our pets we do not want to go on all our holidays leaving our dogs with a neighbour or putting them into kennels. The good news is that their is a growing number of  providers offering pet friendly holidays and becoming more accommodating to cater for the growing demand.

The producer of the UK’s top flea and tick protection, Frontline, found in a survey that as many as 33% of pet owners take their pets with them when they go on a weekend break or even a longer holiday.

For example, this year Tydd St Giles Golf & Leisure Estate near Wisbech is opening to owners and their dogs enabling all the family to enjoy a holiday together. Indeed, pretty much all the parks in the Pure Leisure Group are pet friendly.

Adrian Hurst, Managing Director of Tydd St Giles Golf & Leisure Estate, explained: “Here at Tydd St Giles we have a pet-friendly lodge available for hire. We’re offering people the chance to treat their terrier to a relaxing mid-week break or bring their boxer for a lengthy walk across the peaceful parkland. We’re also inviting people who have recently taken their pet away on holiday to visit our Facebook page and share their favourite pet holiday snaps with us.”

Here are 10 tips for a relaxing break for you, your family and your dogs:

  1. Make sure your dog is acclimatised to the car by initially taking him or her on short journeys.
  2. Accustom them to being safely restrained in the car, by using a harness, a dog guard or a suitable cage.
  3. Give them lots of fresh air with the window open or switching on the air conditioning.
  4. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water as well as water and food bowls.
  5. Take a favourite blanket or bed for them to feel at home.
  6. Don’t forget the essentials you use at home including poo bags, collar, lead, toys and any toiletries like shampoo, towels and a brush.
  7. A dog first aid kit is always worth packing.
  8. To help your dog feel at ease allow them to explore the holiday home when you arrive.
  9. As much as possible keep to your normal routine. Take the food your dog would normally eat at home to avoid upsets.
  10. Find out first if your dogs are allowed to swim in any lakes or other water features –  and if it is safe to do so!