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About Otto & Alice

O&A signageQuality Pet Grooming & Micro-chipping across London & North West Kent in The Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio


dog grooming cat grooming

Inside track: Louise loves working with all the animals. Here she is with Dallas.

City & Guilds certified groomer and stylist Louise Wilsher offers priceless convenience, coming to you to groom your cats & dogs in her purpose-built Otto & Alice Mobile Cat and Dog Grooming Studio.

Louise is able to visit you wherever you live in London, and North West Kent including Gravesend, Sidcup, Dartford, Rochester. You’ll be in good hands as Louise was awarded distinctions with all her qualifications

dog grooming cat groomingThe mobile grooming studio has all the washing, clipping and drying equipment you would expect in a top salon but fitted into the latest Citroen Relay van 35 L3h2 2.0 BlueHDi 130 Enterprise.

This mobility means you are now able to treat your pet to a thorough pampering & grooming experience in the tender loving hands of a City & Guilds trained & certified pet groomer without having to travel yourself. This means you will not only save time you will also save the cost of travel.

Your precious companion – cat or dog, kitten or puppy – can now look and feel his or her very best at the end of every session with Louise – and then enjoy the luxury of being able to curl up in his or her own favourite places.

ThorCatering for almost all pets – from puppies and kittens through dogs and cats – Louise’s Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio offers Dog Grooming Cat Grooming and Microchipping in north-west Kent and most areas of London.

Louise guarantees a calm, relaxing & safe experience for your pets as they are groomed, preened & revitalised.

With cat grooming, you may be asked to help by holding your cat. For this you will be provided with goggles, a grooming gown and one of Otto & Alice’s face masks.

The Benefits of a Mobile Grooming Studio

Priceless Convenience

A major benefit of mobile grooming is the ease with which you can use the service.The groomer comes to you, so you avoid having to get your pet or pets to the grooming facility. At Otto & Alice Louise tries to be as flexible as possible, and where necessary can fit in the early morning, evening and weekend appointments not offered by many conventional bricks and mortar salons.

Molly in the grooming parlour at HadlowReduced stress

There are plenty of pets that experience painful separation anxiety when left at a grooming salon. Many also can become anxious or even car sick on their way. What Otto & Alice provides is a much less stressful experience for all your pets because you can stay close by if you so desire.

No other animals to distract your pet

Some pets become agitated and anxious when they come into close quarters with other dogs, cats and animals in general. With the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio, you can rest assured that your pet will not have to deal with other animals. Your pet will just get Louise’s focused attention.

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