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Summer dog grooming for health and happiness

Summer dog groomingProper hair care and all round summer dog grooming is essential for dogs in the summer months: not simply to make sure your dog looks good but also to ensure they are in the best of health.

Too often summer dog grooming gets pushed aside because we have so many other commitments – especially in the warmer times of year.

However, proper hair care is crucial to keep our dogs looking their best, and also to ensure they’re in tip-top shape to cope with the heat. Just like we do, our dogs feel so much better when they are clean and healthy.

Longer days and warmer weather inspire us to be outside as often as possible to soak up the rays and enjoy the heat. By summer dog grooming we can help our dogs feel a little more comfortable by reducing the heat for them.

Regular Brushing

Dogs have a natural cooling system so it’s not necessary to clip all their fur off every time – indeed it’s ill-advised if they are not used to being clipped regularly – but all dogs benefit a great deal from a good brushing. And you don’t need to be professionally trained to give your dog a brush and there are plenty of easy-to-use brushes and other tools for dog owners to use.

A dog’s coat is a natural form of weather control and does not benefit from being completely shaved. In fact, it can make them uncomfortable and lead to skin problems because dog skin isn’t meant to be exposed to a high level of sun.

By focusing more on brushing and combing you will not only help remove the thick winter undercoat but also remove any grass seeds and other objects that can find their ways into our dogs’ coats while playing outdoors, and prevent excess shedding.

Summer dog grooming

Shorn The Sheep: Angel is a regular customer in the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio

Nail Care

Dogs love to play outdoors – especially in the summer – but they can break their paw nails if they’re not properly trimmed. This doesn’t mean cutting the nails more than required, but just clipping the tips where the nails begin and trimming regularly to keep the nails short. There are some useful clipping and cutting tools available to make this easy.


To ensure our dogs’ coats stay as sleek and well-groomed as possible it’s a good idea to give them a bath and, if they are regulars in the bathtub, consider increasing the frequency during the summer months.

Another benefit of increased bathing is that also helps reduce parasites. Because many brands wash off in the bathtub it’s advisable to apply flea or tick repellent after washing.

Beware Heatstroke

When the weather is so hot that you worry about your dog’s health, avoid too much exercise or excess time outdoors are the hottest times of the day. Try to walk in the shade and lay on a paddling pool for your dog to play. You may enjoy it too!

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