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Summer pet care to keep animals healthy

Summer pet careSummer has arrived and it seems to have hit with full force in London and the Southeast straight away. Here are our summer pet care tips.

For a start, as far as summer pet care is concerned, when it’s hot outside, what do we need to do to help our pets?

Keep Pets Indoors

Pets are at risk when the heat swelters in the summer. Cars heat up rapidly in the sun. Fur-babies really should be left behind in cooler temperatures inside the house.

It’s easy for dogs to become disoriented when the temperatures heat up. They need plenty of water and when they venture outside for walks or to do their business, if needs be for the purposes of summer pet care put them on a leash or keep them enclosed in the garden.

Your pet should be wearing a collar with an identity tag that has up-to-date contact information and these days it’s illegal if they are not micro-chipped.


Never forget our pets wear their fur coats throughout the year, which means their body temperatures are going to be higher than our own. Be sure when applying summer pet care to keep water ready and available for your dogs and cats to drink.

Consider a hose to help them cool off, or even provide a paddling pool in which your dogs can wade. Dogs love some relief from the heat and so it pays off to keep them hydrated.

Watch for signs of overheating

It’s likely that you will know when your dogs are close to overheating. We can all suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even cardiac arrest due to high temperatures.

The signs to watch out for include:

  • Collapse
  • Rapid panting
  • Loud breathing
  • Disorientation

When you suspect your dog is overheating, you should:

  • Hydrate your dog as soon as practically possible
  • Use wet towels or water to bring body temperature down
  • In emergencies contact a veterinarian. Cool fluids, or even an IV may be required when fluids are needed immediately.

Beware of hot pavements

It’s been known for asphalt and Tarmac to reach temperatures of 60C and your pet’s paws can get burned. Try to walk your dogs when it’s cooler, but if that’s not possible then:

  • Protect paws with special protection wax. Even a coating of petroleum jelly helps give paws some protection.
  • Keep dogs on grass when it’s available.
  • Let your dog go in the water if it’s nearby as often as possible.

When you return home, wash your dog’s feet and use a towel to make sure they are completely dry. It helps keep them moisturized and clean.

The tell-tale signs of arthritis

Arthritis is sadly fast becoming one of the most common health problems suffered by our pets and hot weather can exacerbate the problem making joints swell and ache.

It’s estimated that four out of five dogs are showing signs of arthritis by the age of five. Indeed one out of five dogs will have signs of arthritis by the time they are one year old! Among the common signs of arthritis are:

  • Visible discomfort or hesitation when getting up after sleeping
  • Hesitation or visible discomfort jumping into a car or climbing stairs
  • Unwillingness to play
  • Declining activity, increasing sleep

Three of the key components which work to relieve the painful signs of arthritis are:

  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (GLM) which act as powerful anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Glucosamine to reduce cartilage degradation
  • Chondroitin Sulfate to rebuild cartilage

At Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind all our dog walkers are professionally trained to care for the dogs we walk in all weathers. Find out more about our dog walking services in London.

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